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Join the people building and operating open infrastructure, with hundreds of sessions and workshops on Container Infrastructure, CI/CD, Telecom + NFV, Public Cloud, Private & Hybrid Cloud, Security and members of open source communities like Airship, Ansible, Ceph, Docker, Kata Containers, Kubernetes, ONAP, OpenStack, Open vSwitch, OPNFV, StarlingX, Zuul and more.

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Presentations, Workshops, and Collaborative Sesssions

  • AI
  • CI/CD
  • Containers
  • Edge Computing
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • HPC
  • NFV
  • Public & Private Cloud
  • Security

What to Expect at the Summit

Who Attends the Summit

Thousands of IT decision makers, operators and developers will gather at the Summit to collaborate across common use cases and solve real problems. In Shanghai, you can meet people from over 50 countries and 600 companies using and contributing to over 35 open source projects.

  • Architecture & Ops
  • Platform Developers
  • Business & Strategy
  • Upstream Developers

Shanghai 2019 Open Infrastructure Summit Featured Speakers

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We are a diverse community of professionals, and the OpenStack Foundation is dedicated to providing an inclusive and safe Summit experience for everyone. View the Summit Code of Conduct for more information.

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OpenStack at Progressive Insurance: Data Science and Machine Learning
Vancouver 2018

Vancouver 2018

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What to expect from your first Open Infrastructure Summit

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“The overall quality of leads is spot on. The conversations were extremely valuable, and attendees connected with our solution. The whole team is super happy with quality”
Johan Christenson
City Networks
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